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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 8, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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was when when when when. and you. the us. heck. the dpp don't care if they're going to get into. i am. oakley and acknowledged being wif me cancel an emblem of the two
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with built in store for you the guy. try. for the day. to be into them you know what caused the iata don't want to make it difficult to keep our heart. that's why our house is now speculation that he pocketed. i think i get back into the simplified. welcome to baking we know what he's like a cow new people the teenager thousand drawn into new bed and to date to your second tree state owned carrier will join the school can it be to reach a deal the resulting known times that of the tarts you can't prove them. kerry's tour comes at the invitation of eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton. she's cool wood making negotiations with iran on the hoff. both the p five plus one group consisting of all of the un security council's find permanent members plus germany. a senior us state department official says kerry's commit to teaching
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for he can help narrow the differences. b was diplomats in geneva to work with a possible deal to end the decade. no mucus down gulf was continuing to progress. they remain officials that their proposal to have some of the country's atomic activities. hewitt has this innate to sydney from crippling economic sanctions has been accepted by the six hours. officials at that too of course if the optimistic on cost to clean and cream in the nation said nothing yet has been finalized. the two latest on this developing story listed by county. she knew that our corresponding kate hawkins and kate you can fall into this and there's a sense of quarters but also the historical tune is the most effective told what succeeding in jeans now on day two into the same. well i would say defeating has focused on tuesday to raise one there's definitely something has happened today as we had of course this
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optimism with the lads people were using gas today and at the end of that and the long day of school and was a sense that things was progressing all the city we haven't been given the many details of exactly how what was happening behind is in store when we were told us that things one amazing full width at the news today that the us at the state john kerry will be arriving in geneva to take part in the negotiations stephanie being seen as a sign that things are progressing will say that the iranian foreign minister athon and chatted as the rain canceled a trip to britain to stay in geneva to continue with these negotiations. and that's being seen as a sign that progress is being made the iranian foreign minister can find to support it. in the news papers this morning still it's sad that we will begin trusting and dl today are not listening to a stunning nothing can add that the state. when the sliding
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back of the foreign ministers from mistakes. alice representatives came into the back made was that the writing itself in the sense that things on knitting full until a bed still betting on the day of sports and difficult old son asked ahead of us came in geneva. with ck john kerry will be the critical game change it if the game which is bonafide over a decade and that's even before the period when the shah was then and i in tehran. it is to be changed but that's a bit in the distance and he's coming fresh from a trip to israel where he's been speaking to the prime minister netanyahu has no hope. i'm very much against easing the sanctions even slightly against the leadership in iran. what is going to happen of the day kicking the can that be other gold stickles to the progress to the optimism to the great hope there is still there in geneva yesterday is still in his plan in its last full of
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veggies having a meeting with netanyahu again this morning that's not going to be in the sea meets think it sucks and he had nesting on you as a family trip to the papa's any deal with iran he said gangs at easing the sanctions he sits as he gets any deal that would see. iran still having a new kit up for a plan in place but this is one instead of panicking she says this has meant that the school house progress to what has happened in the cost is the westinghouse combos as for iran to stop this new commitment than can be something of ron has refused to do what seems to be the case this time is that the west is just asking for it to the state that it's unlikely that the west would accept anything less than enron. haven't you seen the enrichment plant at ukrainian. i had two medals have been a twenty percent twenty percent is seen as pet miles and the making. i went
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and sat at their west and palestinians in the sunlight heat and toss that's a lot of investment in any significant lead to more like five percent which is the devil need it. for i need to go up and got to simply and verifying that i don t care for them is asic claims it is calculated for a peaceful path this as its destiny the us and iran and the fact all circles in the awake than half. i mean it it's a sad for compromise that hard line dancing and non identity against him making and t o and folks in washington analysts say these ladies all equally. in washington that destiny against at easing tensions are still obstacles on a sign to that that sent me as i said to andy that is the sense that on the dance but progress is being made and what the expectation is that if the deal is agreed today will be at the bus stop
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at fighting perhaps add that six month grace period. i'd say the two sides can build a relationship of trust and transparency which hasn't been seen in decades. and then knitted for him to laugh facing a more concrete more seats and the plants in the fence at fort disagree question do you see the effect upon the soul to be speaking on the colt is on nbc news he's been saying that the basic architecture the outside the framework called the economic sanctions will remain in case over to visit can stand on the slide the washington of that tehran could still come back when this was in the future. given that its leadership in iran is still saying news that his track record is still in its infancy will still pick in the teeth that it will connect it to you what defines off on engine even if there is a new clean and that it will stay the course scientists have something to gain from the saddle he makes
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tensions have been playing on enron seven felonies and sheds to get these ease. it's likely that an easing of the sanctions will be in this fantasy say i that has been opposition to those in the united states at the house of representatives that today the well meaning into my life and new sections to be in place that has been ushed back to you. i know the peace talks in geneva to take a sunset me. the new sanctions intended to place right now would be a part of the opening times of the sports meeting for what struck me the easing of sanctions even if it is to limit it to stop. well i would be the incense and onion ring inside that is one day i can choose to see happening in each one to present the president at the new deal to bring in prison on the east on his promises people say he's back economic turmoil since this
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be from the west side if they are keen to seize on this on pitching and see if any of the senate and the iranians because they want to build bridges often be assessed at tehran's isolation and second it's in the works in trust because at. none o the reasons are on space missions and syria. salem and signed stephanie have something to gain from it. as i say it was still at the stars and jt very difficult old to have that will have to wait and see that of the interesting story among the new kidneys process happens if the deal is to cheat engine me to post you happen to the make up about k pop it into a new day today in kenya that the school with him gone. but it annoys the carport to one team yesterday in tehran she told us that was the ring of fire mr remains committed to handing out the deal to me for the season had in the negotiations. the fares they often go station these things that he said based on the thomson and tara very crucial moment and very
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creepy cool moments. also especially at that nice the seventeenth day of the signing is said and had also expressed that their fear of possibilities. at that didn't heal all uneven and lead sentence and flea meds and lead the side as early as friday nights as silly to expect the same spirit at its founding on the inside is high. that effectively breaks loose it's all frightfully and the song of the faults you don have the people is this instead. that's a huge well we are not installed on a suspended ceiling and weeks meant that the present these is the best line the runs that finding in sydney's the sunday missing dead air of boston and he's either because we dislike in a utah and maybe we live in phoenix at the npt additional protocol that means that you don't meet the real doll into
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the safe that inspection on its nuclear facilities. that means that you can see it for as the constant though she's in for a long time. the tools that was from china which is when all parties involved in the geneva talks remain faithful and i think in the pages for ministry spokesman nate was speaking at a rate that press briefing in beijing. sheila. you want your money and you can you're out of nuclear talks between world powers in iran is now being held in geneva the talks have come to a crucial stage. we maintain that all sides should take a flexible and pragmatic attitude and seek a win win solution that benefits all sides. we also hope that all size create conditions for a comprehensive long term and adequate solution to the ear a new nuclear problem. china is ready to corporate with full size to ensure the talks be successful the palestinian committee of investigation
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had agreed with reports of swift and russian scientists at the two thousand forgetful for many they get outside was on that cool. the committee had a press conference to announce its findings the palestinian team says scientists on eighteen times the normal method of letting him in arafat's remains he adds that they could not rule out that the highly radioactive element was the coolest old his dad to group said it was good timing takes the twenty fourth the whole truth. aphrodite november two thousand and four the french permitted the hospital while mom thought the forty one in the philippines is raiding besieged west bank compound palestinian officials of the day from the start that israel poison arafat's he came that the jewish state tonight. the report published in the mealtimes is going to get in on the fewest government officials as saying that the c i a pain the country's largest telecoms company more than ten million dollars to gain
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limited access to his boss database often reckless to pull it says that the eighteen ft company provides cold days of fun for numbers which the agency pees on me to release these suspects most of the calls in question are made overseas but some calls to inform the us falling today as he lays not allowed to spy on americans living in the usa the lead in to keep the peace corps that our mops according to the mealtimes eighteen piece participation fallen tree. the company says it was a comment and questions concerning national security. pci is a force to define the queue was. to expose the main task of coming energy agency a visit and wanted to run the full push united are eighteen you can hop on the baby comes ahead of the un mission scheduled for one day turn them on the wall more with the tt commissioning of the crippled three axes. i know i stay tune out ticket correspondent adds. she met terry told me about the aim of the visit and the progress japan is making heating up
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the pile on. am i in tandem and twenty make it assessed him on a consistent in japan has that and if he accepted international standards. they lead to a location said that the process of assembling and if they click sufficient to and acted the day today making this assessment ahead of the iaea mission that is the scheduled to arrive in japan in may and i know them by giving them the bases full of discussions with the japanese government. i just knew coming into being criticized for its up on not pecans and ceo paul i don't mind the system and depp's demd anointing system so the other governments and hoping that that this iaea. inspection will play for someone and he's the head with them and pick him up. iaea has set up in the nearby port early thursday morning expecting
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eleven radiation monitoring points. the spec is a company japanese marching team collecting water samples from about fifteen km off that is typically seen a day can you give up on. did i q tip top line was damaged but the quakes and tsunami that devastated eastern coast of japan in march eleven two thousand of them. repetitive reports of contaminants more techniques and skills into the nearby ocean since i'm not on a haunted the japanese and raise concerns in the international community that lived in times of the imports of japanese products by number of countries. i miss the japanese government and was hoping to ease mind by obtaining safety endorsements funding to match any nuclear watchdog we've been invited here simply to learn more about their work that's been done under that plan and to contribute to order assist the government of japan in ensuring it is. but this list reflects this practice as i mentioned a full comprehensive credible and transparent the iaea
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environmental experts will be inspecting the new tip up on facilities on friday and scheduled to meet with japanese government officials the international atomic energy agency's also scheduled to send the review mission at the end of the mom's second time this year since april the mission will review the de commissioning of the couple parkland and inspect the p a school can commit to walking shoes. this inspection will coincide with the crisp time to remove and cost of fuel rods from the action on the full physical storage pool. the la that serve remained in milan. of all the reactors since. the it did the accident mrs tsunami and it is click the devastated town the reactors and the number for the episode wind of it to be welcomed into the other this one thousand five hundred and sixty brought a nice pecans that and this is actually a step that adi and abroad will be moved to a safer. most eco pool and
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the others and build the biggest concerns are all about. umm would more than his film with the kids from that number only actors. at the full people on day is the strongest typhoon of the year and into the central philippines on friday one of the peak is a skill of the winds toppled the korean central the movie on the bed with him. in this article are those in need of this law itn is more faithful than mine. don't count on top of the month and cut into the cake. what the fabled one hundred and twenty five thousand people it been infatuated from towns and villages in the white house officials into the hall to shut down a bit creepy on the fourth. in plano with anything i can see the suspect behind wednesday's explosion has been confirmed as the forty one year old pontiff who was arrested on friday morning idea and police discovered sulfate destination advice is that the place we use when
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going faster simple things in the because he was previously sentenced to nine years in jail for that the last to pay for the rest of the forty am on team to st in the provincial capital. this series of tosca one person and injured a fire witnesses said they found cold there and see what was leftover from the explosions shook the province's up in northern china about five hundred moment is on the chain. it's an important region for energy production and is one name was richard colvin sources. folk customs figures rta and china imports next cause and jenny told her this year has gone up the data shows that the new babies and moms the import export levels increased by seven point six percent during the eight total trade was twenty one point one trillion yen exports were up by seven point eight percent imports up by seven point three percent. the fig and a hot day to nine point nine six trillion yen. one is great so
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please expand avoid focusing coming in at exactly one in the quarter trillion yen the good traceable to the trade winds to twenty five percent of phones that amnesty point three out of this data indicates foreign market them on increasing the alp's train crashes on the chinese economy. he called hold a exchange offensive is calling is being put into trial run the exchange to handle spot trading for grants of up to one when you engage and teaches the general manager the exchange is quitting he says the exchange will help the chinese grammar sect that he had the biggest day on wednesday on the local market he also said it would help bring the different production regions has it together great surprise that the increasing prices the film comes applying to mon and stabilize the market these changes initiated by it all cool steel brat of a tech company one of the world's biggest mass produces say received
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approval from the nepal government in inner mongolia in twenty eleven registering the exchange with another and that the company's total registration capital as of oct last year stood at one hundred and twenty mini dad just short of twenty million us dollars. hong kong could soon be facing a population crisis as the fertility rate among the locals that continues to drop. it's no fun to dress the train to the severe impact on the city since the economic development. kathy laporte was now in hong kong. i the hottie breaking vomiting child has got her hands full with six year old died in tow and a part time job as a shock cashier that twenty six year old couldn't be any busier. i know there was minimal. but it's not just about being too busy to have markets because by insisting as it is more about
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the kidnapped my tedious and ninety s with his expensive city. don't let them take the formal plans to reshuffle the middle east and her family that keeping up with what the heck if things you miss the people we have an underwater fought so hard on education policy and on tuesday. they have a tough assignment to do things and get the picture i'll try one or not having as many children is a lie. there is a gap between the number of children married ha moment of mine says a recent segment and the number of children they eventually happen the survey by the family planning association on the heels that discrepancy has become wider for the past year. the spicy house prices she's a full time artist and competitive spirit with bits of meat our theory to be read to them. it was just us
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the persecution of the best of all it yet and the coach of the hope that into a bad name and now we do not have enough young people wanting to come to the work folks you can make what would it be good at what we do not get enough people buy the book when it come into the teens i think for that but not awful. with that chick fi cult of all the plastic peters up to seventy percent with that in western europe were and are able to know what kids and working with and the like in hong kong. it managed to get with it some time off. one college in the country since its the thought of me. it was one big weekend monday was a sensible book of romans eight one user friendly welcome and roman name i think that when we can all be forced to choose between going to blow or stay at home. i bet the mid to late to try and find comfort knowing that more and more of their friends. i don't want the internet is a dealer and yet all that the very same reasons time when me and schooling. and it looks to state that we are now on to
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haunt of gets half of the time a big break the pcc yes seasons in the hall torn open to think by the nations are discussing economic partnerships that the queue forming one show one that is it that is dealing with climate change the number of pacific states of themselves experiencing pointing to the nobles and also command output is leading the way to nome and then on he's not the second tree gentle the pacific islands forum secretariat me to treat high climate change and was a green economy. his slaves class how do you see says he believes that the testing center and it seems that the foreign was held in two thousand and six so what kind of cute things happening they eat in economic and trade cooperation between china and pacific islands countries amid its inclusive global range of development and activities going on. much of it would not be possible
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without the active support to new systems of china. both been in terms of the political support. in terms of the central financial assistance. and in many cases the town the technology in the mill well. whether it's very good infrastructure engineering oracle term attachment of personnel. they searched far and it's mainly focused on bringing innovation. so how significant this environmental protection along with economic development. what are some of the project's ten weeks back those who read them. that is obese the oc and eight. and therefore the impact of palm coast collected fifty including coastal tourism it's particularly serious in the case of serbia. on
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the site from a well connected it to you all tsunamis. it destroys much of the infrastructure investments and courts here is the setback of national economy many many years what's hot prospects of the sustainable development efforts between china and pacific islands countries what caught the challenges and talk to teens it's not so much the mass of seeking financial systems. bought stuff from china but also weaves for engagement as a development can pop tm it's for the engagement in the shearing off its technology for the future we want to use a lot more that if we can walk there. with china to leave me. and the area of renewable and energy. the use of the prowl for some courses is plentiful and punctual with his help out too well. at tiffany
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jamestown back again at seven pm beijing time becoming the new wallaby the eye. as
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you the us the house. i care been been seven days this is one of germany's influential contemporary german photographers. or are about a
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german and all levels of society. his work covers the period from the end of row twenty three with the unification. so it sits that means. german society and how it has changed in years. he says well when people enter society standing before us and hide the dvd flights but the greatest of the people and yet also in comparison to history at times she is significant that humans were all good just what is best fingers. it'll stand here and find a page that they felt best for themselves. and then just it's good to take the kids when they felt it was ready to buy it so i can tell time that's the reason it is also evocative. people
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just want to be seen in history these are the number has been in jeju do. another theory is that it's worth it selling just are mysteriously webster. people everyday life. working at a judge. on it again with a bow at a textile factory the other which people find it. if you are in the photograph as a result the guitar also a smile. in the jacuzzi tubs to the side jurors and eight. the people gia not always where they
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would on a linky to the that guests should askt was the everyday life but to go but did not just been to you you you the ira. welcome to the world has lawn and you know tommy in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour the us secretary of state john kerry is joining johnson geneva to how negotiators tried to reach a deal over iran's nuclear program authorities in china have detained a man they suspect was involved in a deadly bombing outside the communist


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